Heathrow Escorts

The first thing that comes to mind, when someone mentions Heathrow, is obviously the airport, and for a good reason. Heathrow London Airport is one of the largest and most active airports in the world, noted daily traffic estimates around two hundred thousand travelers. Daily. None other airport in the whole world is as busy and popular as Heathrow is. Travelers from every possible country in the world, arriving either directly to London, or awaiting transit. Thankfully the airport has all the possible commodities required to accommodate such traffic on a daily basis. Heathrow is basically like a small town by itself, it’s so huge it houses multiple shopping areas, duty free included, places to stay the night, or just have a relaxing shower, not to mention numerous bars, restaurants and café’s. The amount of stuff you can do there, while waiting for your flight is staggering. Don’t forget that Heathrow is a district in London, on its own, it got assimilated in 1965, like most of the outer districts in the capital and thrived ever since. Having such a huge airport within its borders, has also given a tremendous boost to the economy of the area, building new hotels, housing, entertainment areas and a welcoming atmosphere for new visitors, was a must.

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