Hitchin Escorts

Hitchin is a town in Hertfordshire, England, centered around a vibrant market area. It has a train station and a couple of bus lines, functioning as public transportation, for citizens, it’s scarce but better than nothing, I suppose. Hitchin is known for it’s church, under the patronage of St Mary’s, which is remarkably huge, for a small town like that. The area dates back as far as the first centure after Christ. The town has won the 9th place in The Times chart of the best places to live in England, probably due to it being so quiet and charming. Hitchin hosts the annual Rhytms of the World Festival, which attracts a humongous crowd from all over the world, vibrant music from different cultures and numerous attractions, make it a nice destination to have so fun in. It’s also quite the sporty town, inhabitants can try themselves in various sports, including hockey, cricket, swimming and obviously football, what would a town in England be without a football club and a St Mary’s Church? Not much I suppose, only thing missing is a fucking tea plantation.

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